March 3, 2016

Cocreation Hub India Initiative

Cocreation Hub, India is an initiative & hub to co-create, innovate, incubate in rural area of Himachal Pradesh by Nurturinno Consulting Pvt. Ltd. It is a rural technology business incubator & accelerator.

Our initiatives are to nurture ideas, creativity, innovation and contribute to discovering a better future.

Focus Industries
Agriculture, Internet of Things, IT Services/Products, AI, Analytics, Animation, AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality), Telecommunication & Networking, Design, Education, Green Technology, Enterprise Software, Events, Finance Technology, Technology Hardware, Healthcare & Lifesciences, Human Resources, Robotics, Security Solutions, Social Impact, Social Network, Sports, Travel & Tourism, Marketing, Advertising & relevant industries.

Focus Sectors
Sales, Loyalty, Discovery, Branding, Digital Marketing (SEO Automation), Market Research, Others, Machine Learning, NLP, Others, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Others, Others, Others, Others, Web Design, E-learning, Education Technology, Skill Development, Coaching, Others, Waste Management, Clean Tech, Others, Cloud, ERP, CXM, SCM, Customer Support, Collaboration, Location Based, Enterprise Mobility, Others, Others, Crowdfunding, Mobile wallets Payments, Point of Sales, Payment Platforms, Trading, Billing and Invoicing, Personal Finance, Insurance, Advisory, Business Finance, P2P Lending, Bitcoin and Blockchain, Microfinance, Foreign Exchange, Accounting, Others, Embedded, Semiconductor, Electronics, 3d Printing, Others, Medical Devices Biomedical, Health & Wellness, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare Services, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Technology, Others, Recruitment Jobs, Training, Skills Assessment, Talent Management, Internships, Others, Smart Home, Manufacturing & Warehouse, Wearables, Others, IT Consulting, BPO, KPO, Web Development, Product Development, Application Development, Testing, IT Management, Project Management, Others, Robotics Technology, Robotics Application, Others, Cyber Security, Home Security Solutions, Others, NGO, Others, Others, Sports Promotion and Networking, Experiential Travel, Ticketing, Others, AdTech, Online Classified, Others, Dairy Farming, Organic Agriculture, Agri-Tech & related sectors.

Cocreation Hub, India is doing the best efforts to support entrepreneurship ecosystem through cocreation & collaboration activities for development of creative & innovative products or delivering high quality services. Our members will be benefited in a number of ways. It includes regular training and workshops, networking events, funding support & offers etc.

Join us in building more effective organisations through cocreation:
:: By nurturing ideas, creativity and innovation.
:: By Contributing to discovering a better future.
:: By Becoming a changemaker to build more humane organisations.

We are looking for co-creators, reviewers, partners, and community members. Energetic & smart people can join us for this initiative to co-ordinate in these activities. We promise that it will be fun to connect in many aspects.

Preferred Startup Stages:
Ideation, Validation, EarlyTraction, Scaling